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PostSubyek: Jadikan Laptopmu sebagai HOTSPOT   Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:59 pm

Connectify is an easy to use software router for Windows computers. Users can wirelessly and securely share any Internet connection: a cable modem, cellular card, even another Wi-Fi network with other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, laptops, and gaming systems.

Popular Use Cases
At Home

Connectify can easily act as a repeater for your home router, extending its range and providing Internet access wherever you need it. Connect to your home network, enter the same Wi-Fi name and password, and hit "Start Hotspot." Devices will automatically connect to the Internet through either your Connectify hotspot or home router depending on proximity. Before you know it you can finally have Internet access in that impossible back room or basement. In addition, if you run Connectify away from home with these settings, any devices that need to be bound to a specific network (such as Eye-Fi cards or wireless printers) will work flawlessly with no additional configuration no matter where you are!

On the Road

Connectify placed second in's Top 10 Downloads for a Road Warrior Laptop and it's not hard to see why. For the Road Warrior, Internet connectivity is a lifeline. Airports, Hotels, and Coffee Shops know this and charge accordingly, often as much as $10-$15 per day, per connection! These fees can quickly add up when traveling with friends or co-workers. The handful of hotels that do provide free Internet access occasionally only supply you with an ethernet jack, which leaves Wi-Fi only devices and smart phones in the dark. Even the lucky few that have mobile 3G cards or adapters are limited to a single connection. Because Connectify is free to download and use, users can save money on multiple Wi-Fi connections while on the road and still get all their devices online simultaneously.

At College

Many Schools and private institutions have restrictive limits on the amount of devices an individual can have registered to their wireless networks. In this day and age, these quotas are quickly exceeded by the wide variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices (such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and gaming systems) we use on a regular basis. With Connectify running on a laptop or desktop PC, you can circumvent these limits and securely connect any number of devices to your personal Wi-Fi network.

Offline Networking

Even without an active Internet connection, you can still run a Connectify hotspot. This provides wireless access to shared folders or drives on your network as well as the ability to play LAN games with others.

[FREE]Take practically any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers
[FREE]Easily connect any number of Wi-Fi enabled devices to your Connectify Hotspot
[PRO]Automatic Internet selection for super simple set-up
[PRO]Customize your hotspot's name and allow it to operate like a wireless repeater for your home or office router
[PRO]Browse Shared folders and other services in your network; Even without an active Internet connection

Free vs Pro

Highlights of Connectify Pro Include:

Share Wi-Fi from 3G/4G Networks - Connectify Pro now supports sharing Internet from Qualcomm Gobi-based 3G/4G cards in addition to a wide variety of other USB cards and dongles
"Scannify" Service Discovery - Connectify Pro will automatically scan your network for available shared folders or drives, web servers, and other remote services and provide you with options to easily connect
AutoInternet Selection - Connectify Pro intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share! When set to “Automatic,” Connectify automatically detects your active Internet connection and makes necessary configuration changes to your hotspot
Fully Customizable SSID - Name your hotspot whatever you want! The free version requires your hotspot name to start with “Connectify-”
Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista - Ad-Hoc Mode only

System Requirements

A laptop or personal computer running Microsoft Windows 7 and a compatible Wi-Fi card or adapter. A list of supported Wi-Fi cards and devices can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Release Notes

Release Notes from recent major versions of Connectify can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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